Cellpaeon relaxes the muscles and relieves pain by raising core body temperature.

Take care of your immunity every day


Voltage 220VAC Weight About 290 kg
Frequency 60Hz Power consumption 8.3kW
Size 94 x 220 x 135 (cm) Peak wavelength 1,255nm
Installation environment Space good for single bed per product
water supply and drainage facility and single power (50A/6square)

※ Main effect: This product uses the principle of emitting rays including visible light and infrared rays (water-filtered Infrared-A) and relieving pain due to the heat generated by the infrared rays being absorbed by skin. This product is a medical device; please read the following precautions and directions for use carefully before use:

Chamber type that prevents heat loss

Application of 10 patented dual-tube lamps

Internal switch for self-opening and closing of the device

Can change posture in a pleasant inside space

Setting the desired temperature

Check waste discharge

Ventilation possible through a window inside the product

Inside handle considering safety

※ This is an additional function for the user’s convenience that is not related to the purpose of using the medical device

Product Strengths

Designed to irradiate near-infrared rays certified by the official agency to the whole body

Emit 348,337mW/m2 of near-infrared rays at peak wavelength of 1,250nm
Cellpaeon HR-WF-8000 consists of a total of 190 light sources

Cellpaeon has verified its safety to the eyes and skin through photobiological safety certification, so its near-infrared rays can be irradiated to the head

Proven photobiological safety ← International Safety Standard IEC62471

Lamp temperature can be set in the range of 35℃ ~ 50℃ to be available for a patient-specific warming program

Without increasing the temperature on the surface of skin, it supplies wIRA deep into skin through the infrared lamp device for thermal therapy, so that skin does not feel hot and body temperature rises comfortably

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[ Immunity level 40 → 1023 ]
After 25 uses, a woman in her 40s
Before(Immunity level 40)
After(Immunity level 1023)
I think you should also think about skin change tight 🙂



IEC 62471-Cellpaeon
Medical device manufacture certificate