Keep your whole
family healthy
Keep your whole
family healthy
Keep your whole
family healthy
Keep your whole
family healthy

WithsunBio Products

[ Medical device ] HR-WF-8000


Cellpaeon is a medical device that relaxes the muscles and relieves pain by increasing core body temperature.

[ Healthcare ] WB-3600


WIRAON is a Near-infrared Sauna equipment for the whole body that helps increase core body temperature and promotes various health effects.

[ Healthcare ] WC-6000


WIRAON is premium sauna equipment using its self-developed near-infrared ray extraction technology.

WithsunBio technology
When core body temperature rises by 1℃,
immunity increases 5 times. WithSun Bio has realized various health effects by using
the optimal near-infrared ray emission lamp to increase core body temperature.

Efficacy of near-infrared rays

Boost metabolism

By providing heat wavelengths to the blood vessels to discharge waste products and increase blood supply to promote metabolism

Improve blood circulation

By penetrating into the subcutaneous tissue in skin and generating nitric oxide, it expands the capillaries and improves blood circulation.

Promotes recovery from injury

Promotes tissue regeneration by activating metabolism through increased body temperature

Improves skin texture

Promotes skin regeneration by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin

Produce bio-energy and slow down cell aging

Activates mitochondria in cells to produce more ATP (bio-energy). ATP prevents cell aging and helps slow down the onset of degenerative diseases, relieving symptoms such as arthritis, sprain, tendonitis, and rheumatism.

Muscle relaxation and pain reduction

Muscles, which are most easily relaxed when the tissue is warm, experience a temporary relaxation effect with weak heat, but strong heat such as near-infrared rays effectively relaxes the muscles; especially useful for relieving muscle spasm related to damage or inflammation.

※ This information is not product information but general information intended to help understand “Near-Infrared Rays.”

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