WiraON Technology

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Technology 01


No. 10-1837891

Korea’s first patented liquid circulation-type dual-tube lamp

Near-infrared rays are irradiated to our body by passing through the liquid tube but not far-infrared rays and mid-infrared rays, which cause burns.

Water-Filtered System

Emit near-infrared rays with excellent skin penetration

Completely leak-proof structure

Confirmation of irradiation amount of near-infrared ray measured by an authorized institution [Korea Photonics Technology Institute]

Technology 02

No. 10-2040916

Near-infrared ray emission lamp cooling and
circulation system

Since it cools the heat generated from the light source, it is possible to give near irradiation at a certain temperature, and it can be used safely and comfortably with neither risk of burns nor damage to skin.

Sauna equipment without heat stress and which is not too hot even after high-power lamp application

Increase near-infrared ray emission by 5cm level near irradiation

Technology 03


No. 10-2161564

Infrared ray lamp machine for thermal therapy

An eco-friendly lamp filled with nitrogen
(Instead of halogen gas that is harmful to the environment and human body)

Photosensitivity test verified such as skin and eyes
(International Safety Standard IEC62471)

Secure lamp durability
(Life time: 2,000 hours)

Lamp photo ON inside the product

Lamp photo OFF inside the product

IEC62471 Test Results : Free of harm such as ultraviolet rays, blue light, retinitis, infrared rays, etc

※ IEC62471: International standards on photosensitive safety for eyes and skin

Optimal heating that increases body temperature safely and comfortably
Excellent and beneficial effect to the human body
following the increase of body temperature