about us

The significance of healthcare is increasing day by day as various diseases occur due to
environmental destruction such as water quality deterioration and air pollution,
and aging accelerates due to industrial advancement in modern society.
In particular, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated fundamental changes in the existing approach;
most of all, it emphasizes the importance of prevention.
Thus, our company focuses on thermal heat that can help prevent disease and promote health
and develops and manufactures treatment machine and healthcare products by using near-infrared rays, also known as the “light of life.”
As an innovative venture company, With Sun Bio will take the lead in contributing to the health and happiness
of mankind by making products that can satisfy all customers.
In addition, we will strive to become a company that supports local communities and contributes to national interests
through social contribution activities such as job creation and health promotion projects for the vulnerable members of society.

Patients who cannot be fixed by medicine are fixed by surgery, patients who cannot be fixed by surgery are fixed by heat, and patients who cannot be fixed by heat have incurable diseases.